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Automobile Kamaz rally Paris  Dakar!
KAMAZ trucks are produced at the KAMA River Automotive Works, which is situated in Russia, the republic of Tatarstan at the bank of Kama river Kamaz distribution trucks created to deliver the goods all over the world. Prove as adept at maneuvering in narrow streets and loading yards as it is at coping with country lanes. Besides Kamaz truck is also durable, economical and robust. Its a vehicle you can rely on day by day. As a professional in your branch of business, you know just what you want. New Kamaz distribution vehicles incorporate everything that the distribution segment needs high load capacity, good maneuverability, economy, reliability and low maintenance powerful engine.

Cost effectiveness is the sum of factors, such as low fuel consumption, long service intervals and a high degree of reliability. As a result you will find everything that you need using Kamaz vehicles and maximum level of everything that you want. Our company AutoTruckMotors, ltd. is busy with selling Kamaz trucks of different modifications, chassis and special purpose vehicles. Also we offer the additional services such as installation the diesel engines made in Yaroslavl on KAMAZ trucks , producing and fitting platforms for timber trucks, selling engines KAMAZ and different spare parts for Kamaz trucks. We have a great experience in selling trucks inside Russia at the inner market and also widely abroad.

Additional discounts for buyers!

Special purpose vehicles based on chassis KAMAZ, revision of KAMAZ trucks, buses NEFAZ, trailers and semi-trailers, engines KAMAZ.

A range of models and modifications of KAMAZ trucks:

Cargo truck KAMAZ
KAMAZ: Cargo truck KAMAZ - platform truck kamaz KAMAZ

> KAMAZ-43114 .
> KAMAZ-43118 .
> KAMAZ-4308 .
> KAMAZ-43253
> KAMAZ-4326 .
> KAMAZ-53215 .
> KAMAZ-65117 .
> KAMAZ-63501
> KAMAZ-5360
> KAMAZ-39383
Tractor truck KAMAZ
KAMAZ: Tractor truck KAMAZ - Prime mover truck kamaz KAMAZ

> KAMAZ-5460
> KAMAZ-54115 .
> KAMAZ-44108 .
> KAMAZ-6460
> KAMAZ-65116
> KAMAZ-65225
> KAMAZ-65226
Dump trucks KAMAZ

> KAMAZ-45141
> KAMAZ-45142
> KAMAZ-45143
> KAMAZ-55102
> KAMAZ-55111
> KAMAZ-65111
> KAMAZ-65115
> KAMAZ-6520
> KAMAZ-6522
> KAMAZ-6540
> KAMAZ-53605
Chassis KAMAZ

> KAMAZ-43114
> KAMAZ-43118
> KAMAZ-4308
> KAMAZ-43253
> KAMAZ-4326
> KAMAZ-43501
> KAMAZ-53205
> KAMAZ-53215
> KAMAZ-65117
> KAMAZ-53228
> KAMAZ-53229
> KAMAZ-63501
> KAMAZ-55111
> KAMAZ-6426
> KAMAZ-65111
> KAMAZ-65115
> KAMAZ-6360
> KAMAZ-6520
> KAMAZ-65201
> KAMAZ-6522
> KAMAZ-6540
> KAMAZ-5360

It is difficult to imagine our life without cargo trucks especially in construction industry. Dump trucks are intended for transportation of granular materials. Availability of dumping body heating system facilitates truck unloading in winter. For agricultural applications tipper truck tractive unit with two sides unloading is available. Platform trucks are widely used in transportation of different cargoes such as foodstuffs, constructive materials, technical devices to far regions. For these purposes trailers and semi trailers can be used. It helps to increase the weight of transporting cargoes. A wide range of cargo trucks includes road trains consisting of a prime-mover and a semi trailer. Such tractive units with increased load lifting capacity are especially useful in carrying lengthy cargoes. Trailers and semi trailers can be designed as platform trailers and dump trailers. Prime movers are equipped with a saddle device and can be combined also with tank semi trailers for transportation of petrol, diesel, fuel, kerosene.

A range of trailers, semi-trailers, special purpose vehicles produced by KAMAZ will help you to save fuel and time, as well as handle any cargo. Kamaz vehicles are suitable for installation of the different kind of unified bodies and diverse equipment. The family of all-wheel drive vehicles KAMAZ is intended also for towage of trailers and hook-on systems by all kinds of roads and landscapes. To meet all requests of the customers the KAMAZ factory had worked out and initiated production of trucks in Naberezhnye Chelny. Lorries began to leave the production line one by one. And if you want to find a suitable truck for your business, you can choose on our site a necessary modification and specification of the truck. Send us your request or get in touch with us through our telephone. If it is difficult to determine the model of the truck required, our sales managers will help you.

"KAMAZ" - is a good choice! I have bought - and don't regret!

  • Sale of the new automobiles Kamaz and clearance sale of the trucks Kamaz, produced before at a reduced price
  • Sale of the trucks Kamaz at low price without tax (18%) , according the law currently in force in Russia
  • Automobile Kamaz is the permanent winner in rally Paris Dakar!
  • Its held in the condition of off roads and terrible climatic conditions, where Kamaz has been taken the first places for many years! It speaks not only about the unsurprised skill of pilot driver, but also about the high quality of the automobile itself.
  • Manufacture and sale of the special autotechnics on the base of chassis Kamaz in big variety of range, the model row of it you can find in our site.
  • To buy automobile Kamaz means for you to become rich because of low, flexible price in comparison of the prices for such trucks as Mercedes, Volvo, Iveco , etc.
  • Everything about KAMAZ trucks.
    KAMAZ trucks sale

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    Discounts for whole-sale dealers are given -2% (-3%)

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  • Special purpose vehicles based on chassis KAMAZ
  • Revision of KAMAZ trucks
  • Trailers and semi-trailers
  • Buses NEFAZ
  • Turning of KAMAZ trucks
  • KAMAZ Export
  • KAMAZ - it is quality verified by the time.

    The symbol of KAMAZ - is ungovernable horse. It means beauty, strength, harmony and swift movement towards the future. Automobiles KAMAZ have a high cross-country ability and reliability on all types of roads. Therefore KAMAZ is the most popular model on the Russian roads.

    "AutoTruckMotors" ltd Naberezhnye Chelny: KAMAZ trucks sales specialized vehicles sales, sale of trailers and semi-trailers, sale of bases NEFAZ, sale of engines KAMAZ, revision of the KAMAZ trucks, turning of the KAMAZ trucks.

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